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Sunday, 22 January 2012

fuads pictures

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Siegfrieds Glove

The accessory has a charge bar which takes a full 10 seconds to charge and when you charge an attack you get to use a alternate stronger version of the attack.
Description: You can now wield the glove of legendary dracomancer Siegfried.

Weak Combo :Two Weak Punches then a Uppercut
Weak Pursuit: A downwards smash attack
Strong Combo: A punch then a strong flaming uppercut
Weak Air: A weak power in midair
Strong Air: Pound the ground the ground making a shockwave

Weak Hold: A red rune which sends the opponent flying
Strong Hold: A red energy shockwave
Special: Cast a rune, Uppercut the opponent then create a red shockwave.
Voltage Special: Cast many runes, Uppercut the opponent then make a massive red shockwave
Air Special: Pound the ground multiple times making many shockwaves
Air Voltage: Pound the ground multiple times making shockwave then jump and pound the ground again making a huge shockwave

Monday, 12 December 2011

 Birth Before the Due Date


It all begins with a single sperm seed and a woman is conceived with something that isn’t even the size of a peanut. But this “peanut” is to become a human being filled with emotions, a purpose, a dynamic personality. This “peanut” will one day become a father, an author, a speaker, a king, a prime minister, a business mogul. However, before this “peanut” can become all of these things and begin to impact the world around him he is to firstly endure a period of growth and learning. This period I call transformation.


During this stage our “peanut” begins to grow and starts to look like a person. He begins to have hands, feet, the brain starts to function, the body truly becomes that of a real person. Following the transformation period our peanut which is now a fully matured looking baby will still spend time in its mothers belly to simply get accustomed to its surroundings and learn to use all of the things that he has now developed such as kicking his new feet, poking with his new fingers etc. Following the transformation period is the Birth.


Once the time to push arrives there is no denying that it is time. As far as im aware no woman has ever given birth naturally without feeling any level of pain whatsoever. What was once a peanut now becomes a real life human being wanting to fight its way out.
I believe that this birthing process is the same way that God works with us. This peanut is an idea, a relationship, a promise, a future, a whatever it is that God has deposited into your heart. However, we must wait before this peanut can become exactly what God has called it to be and not give birth to a cheap or tacky version of it.

Any woman’s worst nightmare is going into labour months before her due date. She is aware that early labour is a sign of something being severely wrong. Any dream or promise birthed before Gods time is an increased danger of giving birth to a dead baby, a disabled baby or baby that will struggle and be required to fight for life. All of this causing severe pain and heartache for the mother. We are all carriers of dreams, desires and promises of what Abba has given us, but we must ensure not to push too soon. We all have a tendency to run ahead and deliver something because he has given it to us NOW so we believe it is for NOW. However, God blesses a woman with a baby in January yet the baby is a gift for September. He plants the seed but we must wait for him to nourish what he has planted in us before we begin to push.

Well When do I push?
Alot of people fear missing out on Gods plan for them, or the one i hear often “missing out on what god is doing NOW!” Well God does not slumber nor sleep so rest assured hes always doing something. Clearly! God will never leave you behind if your heart is right before him and your desires towards him are pure. We must also be careful not to allow ourselves to be manipulated by others with talks of “missing out” or even allow ourselves to scare ourselves into thoughts of “missing out” that we begin to push before our due date causing ourselves to run ahead of God. I would so rather miss out completely because i was waiting on Him than to run ahead of God and not only miss out on what he was doing but miss HIM completely. And we so have it easy! When a woman’s time has come to push she sure as heck knows its time to push. No one has to tell her that...she’ll know!

But aside of the “when to push” alot of us also worry about “well I if leave it, if I let go of the dream, the promise, the “whatever” it may be, and trust that God will birth it when its time how do I know God hasn’t forgotten?”. Or worse still, “if I don’t DO anything then nothing will happen so ill have nothing to birth anyway.” Not true.

Learning to Mind your own Business
During her pregnancy a woman cannot see what is going on inside her belly, she couldn’t see when the sperm and the egg met and she sure cant see when the eyes are growing, the fingers are growing or the brain is forming. Its the one time when we are totally out of control of what is happening with our own bodies. But she always trusts that something is happening. Why? Because she is growing!...the growth happening in her is a testimony to the fact that what she is birthed with is being taken care of and is growing bigger and bigger each day. All she needs to do to focus on giving birth to a healthy baby is to eat right and take care of herself! If she fails to take care of herself she puts her baby in danger. You need not focus on the “thing” that you carry! Focus on you and your personal relationship with him and the thing that you carry will automatically be taken care of. When you make a close and intimate relationship with God your business he makes your business his business.

We all spend so much time worrying about when things will happen. When will that promise come to pass and when will this “thing” happen that we almost force and encourage ourselves into an early labour. We push and continue to push something that is not yet ready to be birthed....when we push some more we then go to pray some more or fast some more or pray some more again and then cry some more and some more again and say “God but you promised me”.....We fail to see that God isn’t denying that he promised it...hes simply saying “not now”. Sometimes we are ok with hearing the not now and wait, but the danger comes with the times when we continue to push and hold a determination to give birth to it anyway. Its no surprise we end up in scarring relationships, with failed businesses, struggling friendships, mindsets, and the like. Anything birthed before Gods time will always cause pain, distress, strive, confusion and heartache. Instead of worrying about why and how long we should wait for, lets enjoy the pregnancy stage of our lives and worry more about the great danger that comes with going into an early labour. And remember your due date is never the same as anyone else’s, your friends due date could be years before yours, years after yours or a world apart from yours. Run your own race....and learn to wait.

“Those that wait upon on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint”....Isaiah 40:31

© Kika Ashanike 2011. All rights reserved

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Letter's to my Daughter's Daughter

Letters to my Daughters Daughter  04-11-2011

I have no idea where to start, what to write or where this is going. I just feel to write? I don’t know your name, what you look like or how you sound, but I do know that you are my daughter’s daughter and so you are a part of me. You are my responsibility. You are a product of my thoughts, decisions and actions.

Lately God has been speaking to me about preparing a legacy for my children’s children. The more he spoke to me about it, though not in so many words but more so in gut feeling and remembrance, the more I began to truly wish to leave you with a lasting legacy. In all honesty I initially felt a fool for thinking about this, im only 22? Why am I thinking about my children’s children at the age of 22? Im young, carefree and should be enjoying the prime of life right? However the one word which kept coming back to me was Responsibility. How you turn out, the sort of woman you become, the morals and values that you hold, those are all my responsibility, and 22 yes I may be, but this is one 22 year old that is ready to step up to my responsibility.

I want you to be proud of your mother, my daughter. I want you to be thankful of the way I raised her and the morals that I instilled in her that she has passed down to you. I want you to be proud of the man she chose to make your father because of the values I taught her on how a man should treat a lady and how a lady should serve a man. I want you to cherish the faith and spirituality that you look forward to sharing with your children because grandma dedicated her life to God and loved serving him and was such close friends with him. I deeply desire for you to one day have a conversation with God about me and for him to tell you about mine and his relationship and for you both to laugh and enjoy the memories that he and I once shared. But before all of this is possible I know I must set the ground running now.....

Now, when I make decisions I make them with you in mind. I think about the man that I will marry and do not think selfishly on who I want because I want them, but I want to be with a man who will make a wonderful and committed father to your mother. A man, who will teach her by example of how a man is to treat a lady, take care of a lady, provide for and cherish a lady. A man who you will be proud to call your grandfather. I do not ever wish for you to think of your grandfather and be ashamed of the man that I chose to be with and wish that I had chosen differently. I hate the thought of you sitting with your girlfriends whilst you all discuss marriage and you uttering the words “I don’t want my marriage to be like all the women in my families”....instead I want you sit at mine and your grandfathers 60th wedding anniversary and look on with pride and admiration and whisper to God above.... “I want that”.

I want you to come from a family line of good women, not necessarily great women in terms of deeds or actions, but good women with good hearts who put their God, husbands and children before all things.
Now I may not know you yet but im sure you’ll be beautiful (you’re a part of me of course you will be haha). But I want to teach you how to appreciate your outer beauty but to understand that there is a far more precious type of beauty which radiates from the inside out. I want you to learn all about integrity, sisterhood, honesty, decency, self worth and self love. I want you to have a wonderful life filled with love, peace, joy and fulfilment. I want you to be a great wife to your husband (a great support system, his backbone and his friend), a great mother to your children (their cook, their cleaner, their friend, their voice of reason, their number 1 go to person), I want you to be a lover of God (his child, his friend, his reliable daughter). But I know before you can be all of these things...I must firstly become all of these things....

I am trying my best to become the woman that will be able to pass of all these things down to you. You will be my legacy, and I want you to reflect the woman that I was. I am watching my actions, my words and my thoughts. I am keeping you in mind when I make decisions on who to date, where to go, what to say, what friends I should keep, what church I should attend, what prayers I should pray. I am no longer living a selfish life. I am stepping up to the plate and becoming a woman who is thinking about her children’s children. It’s no longer about me but it’s about us. It’s about what our family will stand for, what we will be known for and the legacy that we will leave. It’s certainly not easy because to be quite honest most of the time I just want to do what others are doing, and I can, but I won’t. I won’t because I’ve come to understand that the actions that I make today will affect you tomorrow. If I decide to join a cult you will always have a cultish root in your family line. If I decide to drink without care you will have an alcoholic trait in your family line. If I decide to sleep around you will always have a harlot spirit in your family line. If I decide to backbite and bitch you will also have the seed of a lack of integrity. If I decide to be lazy you will always have an idle mindset. If I decide to marry a man because I want him and fail to think about how he would be as a father and as a man you will always come from a fatherless generation. If I decide to be a disobedient wife you will never understand what it takes to keep a marriage together and the patience and endurance that a woman must have in order to remain a good woman able to keep a good home. I do not wish to pass these things down to you; I wish to pass down to you all good things. These will be my legacy to you.
Lots of love; your mother’s mother.

Hi there reader!

I hope that by reading the note above to my daughter’s daughter you have been inspired to no longer live with the illusion that you live for yourself alone. In proverbs 13:22 it says that “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous”.  Although the scripture appears to be talking about financial wealth I believe leaving an inheritance doesn’t always have to be about monetary affairs or land etc, it definitely can and does refer to us leaving behind the things that money can’t buy.

It’s a huge responsibility that we have but we can fulfil this so easily. Simply just by working on our own characters and our own flaws and working towards perfecting those daily. No one is without their struggles and no one is without blemish, but understanding that we cannot live selfishly with the ideology of believing that no one else is affected by our actions is key. I hope that by reading this you are able to begin your journey to leaving a good and fruitful legacy for your children’s children. Allow your seed and their seed to be proud of the woman they came from.

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k.Ashanike xx-xx