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Sunday, 22 January 2012

fuads pictures

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Siegfrieds Glove

The accessory has a charge bar which takes a full 10 seconds to charge and when you charge an attack you get to use a alternate stronger version of the attack.
Description: You can now wield the glove of legendary dracomancer Siegfried.

Weak Combo :Two Weak Punches then a Uppercut
Weak Pursuit: A downwards smash attack
Strong Combo: A punch then a strong flaming uppercut
Weak Air: A weak power in midair
Strong Air: Pound the ground the ground making a shockwave

Weak Hold: A red rune which sends the opponent flying
Strong Hold: A red energy shockwave
Special: Cast a rune, Uppercut the opponent then create a red shockwave.
Voltage Special: Cast many runes, Uppercut the opponent then make a massive red shockwave
Air Special: Pound the ground multiple times making many shockwaves
Air Voltage: Pound the ground multiple times making shockwave then jump and pound the ground again making a huge shockwave